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One of the things people in Georgia have to do is buy GA auto insurance.  There are numerous insurance companies in Georgia that write GA auto insurance.  You see ads on television all of the time.  To get the best price call us.  We have accident forgiveness.  On radio you hear the same thing.  You see it on line and in magazines.  Agencies that sell GA auto insurance are every where.  You hear price price price.  Even Consumer Reports says shop for the best price, but they will also have ratings for service of insurance companies that sell auto insurance.  It is like auto insurance in a commodity.

Well it has gotten to almost be a commodity.  Most GA auto insurance policies in Georgia a pretty much the same in the basic coverage language in the policy.  There may be a few differences in the policy language especially in comparing policies from an Excess and Surplus Lines company and one that is not sold through them, but it is probably minor.  What you need to concentrate on is coverage limits and who you buy the insurance from.  You want higher policy limits of liability if you can afford it to protect you and your assets from a lawsuit.  You also need to decide which deductible to have on comprehensive and collision insurance.  Try to to pick a higher deductible limit such as $500 or $1,000 to same money on your premium.  Strive to have a good driving record and and good credit.  It all affects the cost of insurance.  Buy GA auto insurance from an agent that cares about your insurance needs.  Independent insurance agencies represent many companies that sell auto insurance.  You can buy insurance from companies that do not sell auto insurance through independent agencies such as State Farm and GEICO.  Remember, price is not everything.  You want the company that you are buying the insurance from to be competitive price wise in the rating situation that you are in.  Remember that when you have a claim, you also want someone that is responsive and fair in their dealings with you.  You want someone to call when you have a problem with your claim, you have a billing problem, or you have a question about your coverage.  The very best rock bottom price is not such a great deal if your agent or GA auto insurance company can’t provide you with the service that you need when you need it.

 Parmenter Insurance Agency is an independent Trusted Choice agency that can provide you with the service and competitive price that you need when you need it from several top of the line insurance companies.  Go to our website at and e-mail us or call us for a quote on our 800 number.  We are on Facebook and Twitter.  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.    Scott Parmenter

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