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It’s another nice day outside.  I am looking at all of the files on my deck which have Georgia insurance renewals attached to them for me to look at.  There is a wide spectrum of Georgia insurance policies in the renewal pile.  There are so many different kinds of Georgia insurance that can be written in this state, that it can be overwhelming at times.  Of course an agent or agency can specialize in only a few types of Georgia insurance products for certain types of clientele, and many do.  However, my insurance agency is pretty much a generalist.  In a smaller town you somewhat have to be, unless you are marketing a large area of the state or country. 

There are many different ways to buy Georgia insurance from going to a captive agent such as State Farm or Allstate or to an independent insurance agency.  Some companies sell directly to the Georgia insurance consumer directly on line or by a toll free number such as GEICO.  My agency is an independent insurance agency.  The advantage of purchasing any kind of Georgia insurance with an independent insurance agency is that they typically represent several companies that do business through a independent insurance agency.  There are companies that go through these type of agencies and also market their Georgia insurance products directly to the insurance buying public such as Progressive.   An agent with an independent agency can market your business or home and auto, to name a few kinds of Georgia insurance policies, to lots of companies to get the best price as well as the best coverage tailored to your insurance needs.  That can be a time saver for someone shopping for Georgia insurance, and it can be advantageous for getting a very affordable price.  Usually their employees are very knowledgeable and helpful.  Of course you can get that from other providers of insurance as well.  I know some very good State Farm agents for example, but they are tied to just one company.  It is up to you the buying public to choose the type of Georgia insurance delivery system that they feel most comfortable with.

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