Georgia Homeowners Insurance and Turning in Claims?

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Should you always turn in a Georgia homeowners insurance claim?  That’s actually a good question, because that decision happens frequently.  Some people have more claims than others for various reasons that we won’t go into now.  Frequency of claims can be very important in the cost of your homeowners insurance policy, of it being cancelled at renewal, or even if you can get coverage at all.

Every person who has a homeowners policy has a deductible.  That deductible is deducted from the claim settlement.  Most people have at least a $500 deductible and many have a $1,000 deductible, and occasionally even higher.  If you have a claim that is barely above your deductible, you might want to think about not turning it in to the insurance company.  Try not to let the thought, “well I paid for insurance to pay claims, and that’s what I want them to do.  I don’t want my company ripping me off.” You didn’t buy your Georgia homeowners insurance policy to be a maintenance policy for your home.  At least I hope you didn’t.  Ideally, you want your homeowner’s policy to pay for claims that are difficult for you to pay yourself.  That is the financial protection that you need.  You need the insurance, for example, to cover your home if it suffers a major fire or a tornado hits it, not to pay for a claim just above the deductible.  I have personally had a couple of water claims when a pipe broke doing damage to some dry wall.  It was over my deductible of a $1,000 each time by maybe $800, but I chose to pay the repairs myself.  I did not want a frequency of claims on my record.  I want my Georgia homeowners insurance policy affordable and for when I really need it.  I think that is sound advice for everyone.

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