Who Needs Renters Insurance GA?

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Renters insurance GA, who needs it in Georgia?  A lot of people do not own their own homes for many different reasons.  I have had daughters that rented an apartment after they got out of college.  Many people choose to rent instead of owning a home to live in.  They still need insurance to cover their personal property in the apartment and personal liability to protect them from law suits.  Sometimes it is hard to get someone to understand that they need have insurance when they are renting.  They don’t think that they have that much in the way of personal belongings, but many of them do and the liability exposure is still out there.

The most used insurance policy to protect a renter is the homeowners HO-4.  It provides all of the coverages that a regular homeowners insurance policy provides except coverage on the house which of course the renter does not have.  You can get the same replacement coverage with a suitable deductible on personal property, and floaters are available for jewelry, fine art, silver, and other collectibles.  The personal liability is the same as on a regular homeowners policy with limits up to a million dollars.  Premises medical payments is included.  You can buy a personal umbrella to extend the limits of liability.  As you can see there many good reasons to buy renters insurance GA.

Let the agents at Parmenter Insurance Agency help to provide you with renters insurance GA at a very competitive price with one of our many insurance companies.  See us at plwinsurance.com and e-mail or call us.  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.    Scott Parmenter

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