Keeping Your Car Up and GA Auto Insurance

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My daughter has an older model car.  She had to have her timing belt changed, oil changed and tires rotated.  Her brake pads were worn and had to be replaced, plus two motor mounts replaced.  She did these repairs and service to keep her car in good working order.  She can’t afford a new car at this time in her life.  Keeping your car up is very important for your safety on the roads and for your GA auto insurance.

Having a car in good working order can affect your GA auto insurance premiums and a company’s willingness to insure you.  It also can keep you out of an accident that could save your life and others riding with you.  You don’t want your car breaking down on the road, or losing control of your car.  Accidents can and will raise your insurance premiums and in some instances can cause your insurance to be cancelled.  Therefore, spend the money to keep up your car, and follow the maintenance schedule for your car.  It is well worth the investment. 

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