GA Auto Insurance While Driving the Roads

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GA auto insurance gives you that peace of mind on the highways.  It takes care of you if you have an accident.  It can allow you to repair your vehicle and also cover the damage to the other auto or autos that you hit in an at fault accident.  It can pay for the injuries that you cause and defend you in a law suit.  Conversely, the other driver’s GA auto insurance can pay for your injuries and car damage if they are at fault.  If they have no insurance, then you can use your uninsured motorist coverage.  Isn’t that great?  And the coverage isn’t usually that expensive if you have a good driving record for the protection that you get when you buy an auto insurance policy.

I flew from Chicago to Atlanta in one hour and twenty minutes today.  One hundred years ago the same trip would have taken at least a day and a half by train.  There were no planes that could take passengers from Chicago to Atlanta back then.  All of those changes were in a lifetime, in the way we travel.  That is just amazing.  It is just as amazing that you can drive a car the rest of the way home from the airport on an interstate and well maintained off roads.  It is amazing that you drive these highways covered by GA auto insurance.  What if nobody had auto insurance?  Do you think  that we would be doing all of this driving on all of these fine roads?  Most people would not take the risk, which means that their would probably be few fine roads to drive on.

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