Two truths About GA Insurance That Many Agents Won’t Tell You

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Everyone buys some form of GA Insurance in Georgia.  That’s obvious.  Most of the time you will probably buy from an Insurance Agent.  The vast majority of them try to do the best job that they can for their client.  They sometimes have to put up with some things that are said when they are dealing with a prospect or a client.  Usually they just let it slide being the insurance professionals that they are.  That leads us to mention a couple of things that insureds say and do that don’t really make a difference and often times cost them money, so we will call this “what agents won’t tell you”.

Many people will not tell the agent what their current premium is that the agent is supposed to quote against whether they are a prospect or a current client who got another quote.  Not telling the agent what you are currently paying or what the quote you got is, can be a huge mistake.  Many times an underwriter for a company will not give the agent their best quote, if they don’t know what they are quoting against.  They don’t want to give away the store if they don’t have to.  Remember, this isn’t poker.  You aren’t staring someone down.

The next thing is, don’t try to bully your agent.  It does you no good.  I mean that.  They will often take offense and not go the extra mile for you.  You may take your business somewhere else, but you will never know if you could have gotten a must better price and maybe better than what you settled for with another agent.  It pays to be nice and courteous to the agent trying to sell you GA insurance of some sort.

 That is advice that will serve you well.  If you don’t follow this advice, then you will ultimately pay dearly with higher premiums for ignoring it. 

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