Taking Care of Your Car

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When I fill up the car with gas I usually check the indicator that tells me how close I am to the next service.  It said 40% the other day.  I’ve found that the indicator light comes on at about 15%.  That tells me that I am nearing the next service according to the car Manual that is normally kept in the glove compartment.  If you read the Manual you will find service schedules when different things need to be done to your car.  Servicing your car according to the auto manufacturer’s service schedule in the Manual can save you money on your GA auto insurance.

Servicing your auto can keep you from having an accident or getting a ticket if one of your headlights lights or indicator lights are out.  Keeping tires with the proper amount of tread can keep you from sliding in rainy or snowy weather.  Many accidents are caused by mechanical failure.  Being stranded on the side of a highway in the middle of nowhere is no fun either.  So always get your car serviced when it is time.  Change the oil, rotate the tires and do the other checkups that are necessary based on the number of miles driven on your car.  It can all save you money on your GA auto insurance.

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