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There are churches everywhere, and they all need insurance.  They need to have their buildings and the contents inside them insured on a replacement cost basis.  Liability is important also.  Someone could get sick from eating the food at a church event for example.  The minister needs professional liability insurance, and the church board needs to be covered for decisions that they make with director’s and officers liability.  The coverage also covers staff and church members in the event of a law suit.  What about covering church buses with liability and physical damage coverages?  What about the employees if they get injured on the job? They need workers compensation insurance.  Need higher limits of liability, then get an umbrella policy.  There is also sexual abuse coverage available and all kinds of other Georgia business insurance coverages such as employee dishonesty to protect the church from things such as embezzlement. Money coverage is needed if collections are stolen.

There are lots of companies that provide Georgia business insurance to protect churches.  Several insurance companies have special programs designed and priced for churches.  So there is almost no reason why a church cannot find affordable comprehensive insurance, unless they have had a lot of claims, or their facilities are run down, or the church is in severe financial trouble.

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